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- Compacting metal and aluminium cans



Metal and aluminium cans are demanding to compact and here the RUNI Screw Compactorseriously shows its strength and durability.

SK370 can compact up to 10,000 full 33-centilitre beer and soft drinks cans per hour. The overall volume is reduced by a ratio of 20:1 which significantly reduces storage and transportation costs.

Larger cans and buckets of steel and tin, e.g. from food or paint, can also be compacted. Because of the design of the screw, the maximum diameter of the cans is 230 mm which is the equivalent of a 10-litre bucket. Its capacity is about 3,500 cans an hour.

RUNI has also developed a model for compacting very large metal bins and drums with diameters of up to 600 mm.

Emptying and destruction

The machine can be equipped with drainage so that full or partially full bottles are also emptied of their contents and destroyed during the process.

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