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- Aluminum Scrap Recycling Plant

Introduction Aluminum chip/scrap recycling Plant is an innovative production line designed by our senior experts who have learnt Europe advanced technology and concept, combined with domestic and foreign customers' requirements and practical suggestions. This aluminum chip/scrap recycling production line achieves a high standard of energy efficiency, eco-friendly, metal yield and longevity, covers a number of technology patents and plays a huge advantage and function in the field of aluminum recycling Plant Consists: Furnace parts: the heating chamber, side wells (melting chamber), molten aluminum pump, doss discharge chamber, regenerative burners. Pretreating parts: hopper, screw conveyor, elevator, drying system, iron separator, flue gas treatment system Flue Gas Preheating & Treatment Features: 1. Use furnace flue gas and flue gas incineration heat to realize dual preheat automatic control. In the flue gas preheating process, all entries are sealed to minimize air into the drying ch

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