Rural Filtration

Whether you are a dairy or dry stock farmer we can provide solutions to any water problem making it potable and safe to use and manage.  Ecoworld has expertise in this area as we have had many years experience in dealing with the number one groundwater problem that faces most farmers....iron and manganese.  No matter your water source, no matter the problem, no matter the volume, we can help.

- Iron and manganese filtration
- Hydrogen Sulifed removal  
- Acidic pH Correction
- UV Disinfection
- Softening
- Sediment and grit screening 
- Odours and Colour Control
- Chemical treatments

Also for more information about our UV Disinfection Treatment Solutions to aid with bacterial contaminants Click Here

Do you have an Open Gravity Fed Filter?? What is your water quality like?? Does it need to be serviced??  When was the last time the filtration media was replaced?? 

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