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- Wet Well Mounted Pump Station



Smith & Loveless Inc.’s above-ground wastewater pumping stations pave the way for end-users to reap the benefits of robust construction, operator-safe maintenance and single-source solutions. The result is efficient pump station performance, long service life and realized savings—verified by decades of successful installations.

This walk-in station comes in an 8’-6' and 10’-6' wide station configuration, to accommodate shipping limitations. It also provides ample access to all of the equipment. The large equipment chamber of the CAPSULAR Wet Well Mounted Pump Station allows enough room to house accessories such as variable speed controllers and solid-state starters.

  • Sizing: 4' - 12' piping (100-300 mm)
  • Horsepower: 1.5 to 300 HP
  • Capacity: Up to 20,000 GPM (1380 lps)
  • TDH: Up to 500’ (152 m)

  • Station Room - Designs include 8’-6' and 10’-6' wide station configurations, which provides ample access to all of the equipment. These two sizes also accommodate shipping limitations.
  • Environmental Equipment – With a ventilation blower, dehumidifier and lighting, the station is suitable for continuous human occupancy and provides a dry, comfortable climate in which to work.
  • Housings – Stations can be housed with prefabricated building shells, fiberglass and/or delivered on a skid for installation inside an existing building. With a steel shell, the pump station can be partially buried.
  • High Capacity – CAPSULAR Wet Well Mounted Pump Station can handle flow variation ranging from a tiny trickle to full-capacity flow in seconds.
  • Multiple Pumping Options – In sizes of 4', 6', 8' and 12' in two or three sets of series pumps running in parallel. Another arrangement consists of three or four 4', 6', 8' of 12' pumps running in parallel. Smith & Loveless pumps provide the highest operating efficiencies in the industry, consuming less energy to produce greater savings.
  • Quality Control - The CAPSULAR Wet Well Mounted Pump Station is factory-built and tested prior to job site delivery. This ensures quality control and minimizes field labor and assembly problems, especially during inclement weather.

Smith & Loveless offers three different control system options for the Recessed Wet Well Mounted Pump Station:

  • PROTRONIX II (PLC-based)
  • PumpLogix Pump Controller (Microprocessor-based)
  • Relay Logic

These control systems are programmed, tested prior to shipment and operational upon start-up. Individual running time meters and a high water alarm with silent switch are standard.


As the name implies, Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations position on top of the wet well and use suction-lift to prime and pump for wet well depths reaching 20 feet. Smith & Loveless calls this vacuum-priming.

The Smith & Loveless Vacuum Priming System is a simple, proven process that includes just three basic components: (1) a Sonic Start® Streamline™ prime sensor, (2) a solenoid valve and (3) a vacuum pump. From a totally non-primed condition, the system primes the pump in about sixty (60) seconds under standard rated conditions. Once the Smith & Loveless Pump is primed, it is designed to stay primed indefinitely.

Employing frequency modulation, the Sonic Start® Streamline™ prime sensing replaces the traditional S&L electrode. Because it is not prone to foul in applications with excessive grease or chemicals, Sonic Start® Streamline™ eliminates all traditional routine maintenance tasks associated with vacuum-priming and delivers the world’s most hassle-free wastewater pumping.

Another exciting new feature is CONSTANT PRIME™. This optional control setting continually senses whether or not the pump is primed. If loss of prime occurs, the vacuum-prime sequence will activate to maintain prime. This ensures instant pump start-up when the pump is called to run.

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