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Blaschke Umwelttechnik GmbH

Model S20 - Extraction Rail Return Tracks/Elbows


For combination with the slotted rail to form a circle railway for round trip use on assembly lines and test run lines. Return tracks allow continuous circulation of trolleys by guiding them back to the starting line of the system. There are numerous ways to assemble the rails and tracks to from a round trip railway system: By mounting the rails and tracks in a descending manner (1.5% - 1.7% gradient), for a self propelled return by the decline. On horizontal systems the trolley gets pulled along by the moving vehicle on the assembly line. Returning the trolley at the end of the assembly line to the start is either be done by Pulled manually. Propelled by an electric motor. We suggest to have the complete railway system equipped with an electrical supply rail, but at least the return section needs the power rail to supply electricity to the trolley motor. For this the trolley needs an additional motor unit.

A wide variety of supplemental parts, like flexible switches, cross-over switches, turntables, lift stations and maintenance tracks are available to form a fully automatic rail system.

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