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Model S3-WSB Series - Digital Whiteness Meter



Chemical & Building materials industry: White Cement (powder), Paint (pasty), Coating (pasty), Plastic(boards), Steel Plate (boards), Ceramics (powder),Gypsum (powder), Wallpaper (paper/sheet), Porcelain Enamel (powder), Calcium Carbonate (powder),etc.

Cosmetic industry: Toothpaste (paste), Face Cream (paste), etc.
Food industry: Flour (powder), Starch (powder), Salt (powder), Sugar (powder), Fish Balls (paste),etc
Paper making industry: Paper Factory (paper/sheet), Printing Factory (paper/sheet), Publishing Company (paper/sheet), etc.
Textile industry: Fabric (sheet), Gauze (sheet), Weaving factory (sheet), cotton (clumps), etc.


This instrument based on the principle of photoelectric effect & D65 light source (R457) and with 0/d or d/0 as a illumination condition. Meanwhile, except solution or liquid samples, this instrument can be widely measured the whiteness value of any substances. Such as: powder, board, paper, paste, sheet, clay, etc.

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