S3 Instruments

Model S3-WSB1 - Portable Whiteness Meter



Application: This instrument based on the principle of photoelectric effect & D65 light source (R457) and with 45/0 as a illumination condition. Meanwhile, except solution or liquid samples, this instrument can be widely measured the whiteness value of any substances. Such as: powder, board, paper, paste, sheet, clay, etc.


  • Compact in size, novel in design & LCD display with suitcase package..
  • Succinct operation, suitable measurement range & higher performance.
  • Low daft, high accuracy, nice stability ensure long-time & stable running.
  • Unique positioning structure & high precision optical system effectively guarantee
  • measuring values accuracy and repeatability.
  • Lower consumption and AC & DC power supply convenience for operating outside or laboratory.
  • With low voltage indication function remand of users replace battery timely.
  • With data output interface.


  • Measurement Range: 0-199
  • Measuring Condition: 45/0
  • Measurement System: R457 Blue Light Whiteness
  • Minimum Readout: 0.1
  • Calibrate: φ15
  • Zero Draft: ≤±0.1
  • Basic Error: ≤±1
  • Repeatability: ≤0.2
  • Power Supply: Power adapter or battery
  • Size & Weight: 345×385×170mm & 3kg

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