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Model S3-WXG-5 - Semiautomatical Polarimeter



Application: WXG5 semiautomatic polarimeter used to measure angle of rotation, specific optical rotation of optically active substance. You can calculate its purity, concentration and percentage by measured value.

Agriculture: Analysis the content of Agriculture Antibiotics, Farm Hormone & MicrobialPesticides.
Medicine: Analysis Antibiotics, Vitamins, Glucose & Chinese Herbal Medicine or Pharmacological Research.
Food: Sugar, MSG, Soy Sauce Production Control & Inspection.
Microprocessor-Based The angle of rotation is digitally displayedSimple push-button adjustment of visual fieldsZero indicator light confirms accurate calibration.


Measurement Range: -180°~+180°
Accuracy: ±0.02°
Vernier: 0.05o
Magnifier: 3x
Light Source: Sodium Lamp
Wavelength: 589.44nm
Round Cuvette: 100 or 200mm
Power Requirements: 220VAC/50Hz
Dimensions: 500(L)mm×58(W)mm×48(H)mm
Weight: 12kg

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