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Model S3-WZZ-2A - Automatic Polarimeter



Application: WZZ-2A automatic polarimeter is the basic scientific instrument used to measure angle of rotation, specific optical rotation of optically active substance.

Automatic Measurement: WZZ-2A built-in auto-controlling system. Power on the polarimeter, the system will search for zero point automatically. You need only put the sample tube in measuring field chamber, the polarimeter will display the angle of rotation.
Auto-judge substance form levorotatory or dextrorotatory: The polarimeter can auto-judge compoundorform levorotatory or
dextrorotatory. If there is negative measures value, that means is levorotatory substance, if appearing positive measures value,
it means is dextrorotatory substance.
In experiment, you need test a sample solution three times or more to ensure the accuracy of the measured value, you can press [ + ] or [ - ] key and the polarimeter will test again.The polarimeter not only can test the angle of rotation of substance and but can calculate its purity, concentration.


Minimum Reading: 0.005°
Reproducibility: ≤0.01°
Accuracy: ±0.02°
Measurement Range: +45°~-45°
Transmittance: 1%
Light Source: Sodium Lamp plus Filter,
Wavelength 589.44nm
Sample Tube: up to 200mm
Display & Output: LCD display & RS232 interface.
Power Supply: 220VAC/50Hz
Packing Size & Weight: 600(L)mm×300(W)mm×200(H)mm & 25kg

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