ChemBio Shelter, Inc.

ChemBio Shelter, Inc.

Safe Air Borehole Blower



The “Safe Air” System delivers up to 1,250 CFM of air down a borehole to either Built In Place Shelters or Mobile Refuge Shelters and provides enough air for up to 100 miners

 The “Safe Air” System is available in (2) different configurations

  • Diesel driven –
    • blower delivers 1,250 CFM of air down boreholes from 6” – 10” in diameter
  • Electrical driven-
    •  Allows for dehumidification, cooling & heating of up to 1,250 CFM of air

  • The “Safe Air” unit can be connected via a borehole to a Built In Place Refuge Alternative in which the air is either relieved into the mine entry or discharged back up a 2nd borehole. 
  • Mobile refuge alternatives may be connected to a borehole and receive air from the “Safe Air” unit.

Heat and humidity problems associated with refuge alternatives are no longer a problem

  • At 12.5 CFM per person an air lock may not be needed
  • CO2 scrubbing is not required
  • No high pressure oxygen or air bottles are needed
  • Food and water are the only supplies replaced at 5 year intervals

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