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Safety and Diagnosis System


Safety and Diagnosis System is an additional product to Desinfinator decreasing/ air cleaning solutions. The system is designed mainly for commercial kitchens (professional use) and for air duct units. Desinfinator Safety and Diagnosis System can be calibrated to suit any location and the system works with only one or with multiple Desinfinator degreasing/ air cleaning products.

The product has been designed to be used with the following products:

  • Desinfinator degreaser products
  • Desinfinator Aero 800 OD

  • User safety
  • prevents ozone and other gases reaching humans in any situation
  • prevents humans accessing UV-C lamps when the tamps are on
  • Diagnosis
  • alarm when there are broken lamps and the performance of the system has dropped too much
  • indicates when the safety system has turned the Desinfinator products OFF
  • incorporates an hour counter
  • indicates when the scheduled service is needed

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