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Pulsar Instruments are pleased to announce the introduction of their new ‘Safety Professionals’ Systems that give the Health & Safety professional a custom-made solution for resolving their specific noise risk assessment issues. The latest international noise directives requires companies to assess the risk from noise exposure levels for their workers and visitors.

You then need to create a clear report with a prioritised action plan of how you intend to eliminate or minimise these hazards. Producing a noise risk assessment is an interesting and absorbing project and Safety Professionals (Health & Safety Officers, Consultants, Hygienists, Technical Managers, etc) have to make a number of key decisions.

One of the first is to decide upon the instrumentation to use. Finding out exact working practices can be difficult as often workers themselves do not realise what they actually do during a typical day! For this reason dosimetry is an ideal method for determining working practices and can be used in conjunction with a sound level meter to great effect.

Step 1: Choose the Pulsar sound level meter to suit your own specific application. This can be a simple to use instrument from our popular Assessor range or a Model 30 or 33 Real Time Analyser for more exacting applications.

Step 2: Augment this with one of our Model 22 doseBadge systems. These systems allow you to accurately assess the daily exposure levels of those at risk.

The simplicity of these robust, lightweight and wireless dosimetry units remove any barriers to the assessment of daily personal exposure levels Dosimetry is especially suitable for applications where workers are regularly moving from location to location, working unsociable hours, involved with moving machinery or in difficult to reach areas.

Step 3: Let us do the maths! Our focused software packages allow you to download your measurements and quickly produce a variety of automated yet comprehensive reports. Clear basic measurement, full time history information and graphs, automatic hearing protection selection calculations or exposure calculations are just a few of the templates available.

Please find below some of our standard Safety Professionals systems with order codes.

Model SPS 1

Model 82CA Class 2 Sound Level Meter with C-A mode for hearing protection selection.
Model 22-2 2 doseBadge System.
Applications: Noise at work / Industrial Hygiene.

Model SPS 2

Model 84 Class 2 Sound Level Meter with 1:1 Octave Band Analysis.
Model 22- 3 3 doseBadge System.
Applications: Noise at work / Industrial Hygiene.

Model SPS 3

Model 30 Class 1 Real Time Analyser.
Model 22-4 4 doseBadge System.
Applications: Noise at work / Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Noise.

The Safety Professionals System is supplied as standard with both Analyser and dBLink3 software to provide you with comprehensive download, analysis and reporting facilities.

For sound level meters with octave band analysis, the Analyser software also has a special database of hearing protection that allows the user, at the click of a button, to have all calculations done automatically. A selection of hearing protectors is listed and a clear report can be automatically created.

The valuable dBLink3 software program allows doseBadge users to create a variety of pre-formatted report templates that are provided to present your measurement data. To assist new users, a step by step wizard reassuringly guides you throughout the set up, download, analysis and reporting procedures.

All reports can be printed or exported into a number of formats including Word, Excel and PDF. For those who prefer to use their own existing reporting methods, data and graphs can effortlessly be exported directly into Word, Open Office or Excel documents.

The fact that the Pulsar software has no licensing restrictions means the user is able to install this software onto multiple computers & lap tops eliminating hidden costs and optimising user flexibility.

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