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The Safmag β (Beta) Meter is designed for the water and effluent industries. The Safmag β Meter is cost effective easy to use, easy to install and provides excellent accuracy and reliable flow measurement in demanding environments. The Safmag β Meter delivers exceptional accuracy of 0.5% uses the long proven non-intrusive principle of electro-magnetic induction has no moving parts and introduces zero head loss. Readings are independent of density, temperature, viscosity and pressure. The β signal converter has state-of-the-art electronic components and a high-speed microprocessor for accuracy and reliability Easy Batch Function: The Beta has an easy to use Batch functions which can be configured in the batch menu. It is simple and can be setup even without the manual for all process control and irrigation applications. Modbus RTU: This protocol defines a message structure that’s hosts and clients will recognize and use on the network over which they communicate.The Modbus RTU uses a M

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