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- Model AGS-11/6 - Aerosol Fire Extinguisher AGS-11/6

AGS-11/6 is designed for generating of gaseous-aerosol mixture which stops the process of flame burning when reaches the necessary concentration. Generator is made in a shape of a low metal cylinder which has a nozzle gap at the whole circle. Despite its small dimensions this generator has large protected volume up to 48 m3. Due to its construction, the mass fraction of condensed phase is significantly reduced and the temperature of generator body is reduced as well. Has a lot of modifications of mount type and direction of aerosol stream. The basic modifications are given below. The electrical impulse which comes to the starter * which is installed inside generator, ignites the aerosol forming cartridge. During the burning of it the fire extinguishing aerosol is produced. The aerosol flow penetrates the cooling layer and comes out of generator through the nozzle. Generator is recommended mainly for fire protection of the transport. Due to its constructive features can be used at the

Technical characteristics


Fire classes

Fire Class A Fire Class B

Aerosol generating cartridge weight

2.4 kg

Protected volume

48 m3

Net weight

4.5 kg

Diameter - Height

217 mm x 104 mm

Operating time

40 sec

Aerosol temperature at the distance of 0.5 m from generator


Starter type

UZ-7.5 – internal VR-7.5, VRTH - external

VEL, VELTH - external

Starter impedance

7.5 Ohm

2.5-4 Ohm

Starter minimum current


0,4 ?

Starting voltage

8 – 30 V

1,5 – 24 V

Starting impulse duration

Not less than 1.5 sec

Not less than 0.1 sec

Start-up delay

< 1.5 sec

Operating conditions

-50° C / + 50° C, humidity up to 98%

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