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The salarollpump delivers “super suction” performance thanks to a unique patented design feature.The system is a peristaltic type of suction
and pressure pump that delivers a flow rate of 9 m³/h, (39 gpm) or 14 m³/h, (61 gpm) depending on the size of the pump.

The heart of the system is a special manufactured hose compressed by a wheel mounted on a crank shaft. The suction is
created when the hose by its own force returns to its round shape. Discharge pressure is created by the force of the wheel moving the media. The high vacuum and the low speed of the pump enable it to pump most high viscous, polluted liquids and debris over 40mm, (1 1/2') solid. Both the pressure wheel and the inside of the pump housing have a lining of soft material that prevents a solid particle from damaging the pump hose.

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