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Salem-Republic Rubber, one of the largest manufacturers of hand-built hose in North America, now offers replacement hose for all manufacturers of peristaltic hose pumps, including Watson-Marlow / Bredel , Blackmer, Verder, Ponndorf, PeriFlo, and others.

Custom manufacture allows control over all properties of the hose, the interior core (tube), carcass (exterior shell) and supporting wall thickness. Because of this, Salem-Republic offers peristaltic pump hose completely customized to accommodate specific requirements for your application. Tube linings are available in the following material choices: Natural Rubber, EPDM, Nitrile (Buna-N), or FDA Safe White & Tan Gum. For a quick quote on your custom persitaltic pump hose needs, please submit a custom peristaltic pump hose RFQ.

Peristaltic pump hose life is affected by 3 areas: the pump conditions, quality of the hose and the material moving through the hose.

Our “No-Crush” poly carcass is constructed using multiple plies of high tensile polyester cord. A smooth, precision ground concentric cover insures optimum performance and in-service life in the most demanding applications including pumping adhesives, starch, chemicals, pulp/papermaking slurries, lubricants, and food oils, waste & water treatment.

Salem-Republic manufactures peristaltic pump hoses compatible with all major manufacturers, including Periflex, Watson-Marlow / Bredel, Verder, Blackmer, and Ponndorf. Please visit our Peristaltic Hose Cross-Reference Chart to find the Salem-Republic peristaltic pump hose that matches the part number of a different manufacturer.

Available both to OEM hose pump manufacturers and end users of peristaltic devices, replacement hoses range from 10mm to 150 mm and are available in the following dimensions:

Service life conditions that can adversely affect hose life include high concentrations of harsh corrosive acid, alkali and high temperature applications typically found in adhesives, starch, chemicals, pulp/papermaking, lubricants, fluids and oils, and waste & water treatment applications. Salem-Republic Rubber manufactured peristaltic hose stands up to these conditions and more.

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