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- Tank Elastomeric Lining Material



Salem-Republic Rubber’s long history of providing uncured calendered products and deep rubber compounding knowledge has led to the introduction of a line of uncured elastomeric linings. The lining products are all produced at the company’s facility in Sebring, Ohio. The elastomeric lining market focuses on providing abrasion resistance in material handling and transfer applications as well as providing corrosion resistance for applications in industries such as water treatment, chemical transfer and storage, and chemical processing equipment.

The elastomeric lining products require strong compounding expertise, in addition to stringent process and storage requirements. In order to satisfy these needs Salem-Republic Rubber has invested in additional human resources as well as several capital improvements. Among the improvements was the addition of a refrigerated finished goods storage unit (photo included) to facilitate the stocking of finished goods. Initially the company will provide linings of 5 different elastomers. The linings will be available in thicknesses from 1/8” – 1/2” and widths from 37” – 56”.

Salem-Republic Rubber Company was founded in Sebring, Ohio in 1972. Initially the company was concerned with the manufacture of large diameter hand built hoses and providing uncured calendered sub-assemblies to a small and selective group of customers. This dual focus continued for many years until the company added a hose braiding line to provide the capability of manufacturing air starter hose for the commercial ground support equipment market. The addition of the elastomeric linings will mark the fourth product line that Salem-Republic Rubber has brought to market.

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