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VOL-U-Flex Line and Port hose feature a double-helix spring-steel wire reinforcement encapsulated in a continuous bridge of rubber for tough, long-life service. This unique Salem-Republic feature greatly extends hose life at a cost comparable to what you would you would expect to pay for conventional hose constructions.

Tube: 1/8' static conducting NR/SBR.
Carcass: Multi-plies of high tensile square-woven polyester fabric. Dual high-tensile steel wire helix.
Cover: Weather, ozone and abrasion-resistant SBR.
Ends: Plain Cut or soft cuffs.

  • Tube: Full 1/4' NR/SBR
  • Carcass: One-ply high-tensile spun polyester and special design dual high-tensile steel wire helix for increased flexibility.
  • Cover: Weather, ozone and abrasion-resistant SBR.
  • Ends: Soft Cuffs.

Salem-Republic's Light-Weight and new Superlite Series smooth bore vacuum loader hoses are designed with high-tensile synthetic fabric, reinforced with a helix of tempered spring-steel flat wire. The tough, abrasion resistant cover withstands ozone and weathering for lasting service. High-strength, thin-wall construction provides up to 40% weight savings over other designs. These vacuum loader hoses offer unique versatility for many cost-saving operations such as...

  • Whip ends
  • Easy-handling line hose
  • Elbows and connectors
  • Industrial vacuum installations including large diameter manifold hose and smaller diameter take-off runs

Tube: Static-conducting NR/SBR.
Carcass: High-tensile spun polyester with tempered spring-steel flat wire helix.
Cover: Tough abrasion-resistant SBR withstands ozone and weathering.

Smooth, heavy -gauge 1/8' tube. An economical and light-weight alternative to the H.D. Vol-U-Flex. For line hose service, industrial plant vacuum and heavy-duty whip end use.

This vacuum loader hose offers light-weight construction using 3/32' SBR for tube and cover. For light-duty whip end; work hose service, and industrial plant vacuum systems. Handles easily like ducting for all types of vacuum service.

These large-diameter constructions produced with over 30 years of proven reliability are corrugated inside and out. They are extremely flexible for their multi-ply strength and wire helix reinforced. Outstanding for leaf collection, scavenger, and catch basin service, Cor-U-Flex hose assures easy all-temperature handling due to its unique deep-corrugation flexibility. Custom compounds for special applications and special sizes are available.

Tube: Abrasion-resistant NR/SBR is used for the corrugated hose liner assuring lasting resistance to the wear and abuse of high-velocity vacuum service.
Carcass: Salem-Republic uses multi-ply high tensile woven polyester fabric with a spring steel wire helix for best flexural ability and ease of handling and long life.
Cover: Black abrasive-resistant neoprene cover provides excellent resistance to weathering, oil, and ozone.
Ends: Straight soft cuffs are standard to simplify installation.

Designed to serve as the flexible compression seal, or make / break seal between the vacuum pump and the debris body on industrial and municipal vacuum trucks. Seals are capable of withstanding full vacuum suction service.

Tube: 3/16” thick black natural rubber.
Carcass: 3 individual steel hoops and polyester fabric.
Cover: Neoprene rubber.
Ends: One end a straight cuff, other end is square cut.


  • 8-1/16” ID x 10.0” ID x 10.0” OAL
  • 9-5/8” ID x 12.0” ID x 10.0” OAL
  • 10-1/16” ID x 12.0” ID x 10.0” OAL


  • 8-1/16” ID x 10.0” ID x 10.0” OAL: Made to order.
  • 9-5/8” ID x 12.0” ID x 10.0” OAL: In stock.
  • 10-1/16” ID x 12.0” ID x 10.0” OAL: In stock.

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