SAMCO Technologies, Inc.

- Model PLF - Pressure Leaf Filters



SAMCO pressure leaf filters (PLF) use internal filter leafs that provide submicron particulate removal. Sometimes pre-coated, they are designed specifically for high flow rates and can be configured for dry cake or sluice discharge and cleaning efficiency.

These flexible filters can be configured in a host of styles including:

  • Horizontal shell with vertical leafs
  • Vertical shell with vertical leafs
  • Single leaf Nutsche

Pressure Leaf Filters are used in a host of applications and industries including:

  • Brewery & Spirits
  • Tallow & Edible Oil
  • Sulfuric Acid Production
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
  • Plating Bath Recycle
  • Brine Polishing
  • Sugar & Sweetener
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Chemical Processing


  • Reduces volume of sludge disposal
  • Can be effective for zero liquid discharge (ZLD)


  • Increases capital cost
  • Large footprint

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