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- Model Minifog - Thermal Foggers



SAM Unifog has developed a smaller version of their highly successful Unifog machine. The envisioned use for this Minifog would be for the fumigation of storage areas, poultry houses, auditoriums and ships holds, not only with pesticide but also disinfectant for the control of bacteria. The Minifog is a highly portable machine mounted on castors for easy manoeuvrability and weighs less than 50kg. Heat is generated by a propriety burner unit running on diesel fuel: additional air is provided by a large duct fan. Both items are electrically operated. Compressed air dispenses chemical via a Venturi nozzle directly in front of the hot air outlet. This means there is no pump or metering system in contact with the chemical other than the nozzle. Cleaning is therefore extremely easy.

Maximum Size: 1500LX 500Wx900H
Weight: 50kg
Fuel: Diesel
Electric Power: 110v5A
Output: 0-0.75 Ipm depending on viscosity
Heat: 350°/400°C
Air Consumption: 0.1 cubic metres/min at 4 Bar for chemical pump
Construction: Generally stainless steel
Machine tested to PMB specification by Silsoe Research Institute

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