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From several points in the steam/water cycle samples are continuously extracted and collected at a centralized system for conditioning and analysis on chemical parameters like (cation) conductivity, pH, dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Sodium, Hydrazine. The samples are led through small diameter stainless steel tubing to the centralized system. Samples taken vary from feedwater to high-pressure high-temperature superheated steam. At the system the representative samples are conditioned to the pressure, temperature and flow required for each type of analyzer.

Sycamin designs and delivers the complete package from extraction point to discharge of sample.

Being an independent company allows sycamin to choose freely the make of analytical equipment the client prefers or to offer the best choice from a technical as well as a commercial point of view. We have experience with all major makes and can advice accordingly.

The systems are installed all over the world and comply with local and international codes and standards, like JIS, ASTM, and PED.

As the pictures show, each customer has his preferences regarding the physical layout of the systems. If necessary, we will design the system to suit the available space. What remains constant is the very high standard in design, craftsmanship and finish.

General considerations when designing a sampling system:

  • The sample at the analyzer should be corresponding to the composition in the main line.
  • Materials used may not add foreign matter to the sample.
  • No ?dead? pockets or other circumstances may allow deposits in the sample lines.
  • Fluctuation in boiler pressure and temperature may have no influence on the functioning of the analyzers.
  • Steam formation, cavitation, and backlash should be avoided in the design of the sample conditioning.
  • As high-temperature and high-pressure steam is being sampled, no compromise must be made in order to ensure a safe operation for personnel as well as protection of expensive analyzers.
  • Under public demand, power generation technology is constantly developing, resulting in supercritical boilers, HRSG units, and alternatively fuelled (wood, biomass gas) boilers.
  • Each type of power plant has its own process characteristics, the operational differences involved also have their effects on the design of the sample conditioning and analysis system. We have experience with all types, and are keen to keep track with actualities.
  • As power generation plants are forced to operate in a commercial environment, total cost of operation is a main issue to be taken into consideration at the design stage.
  • As operation and maintenance of these kind of systems are often in hands of staff not familiar with laboratory equipment, and operational personnel is often reduced to a minimum, there is a potential risk of negligence. However, analyses made by the system are likely to be the most accurate and of most importance!
  • Considering this, we design the systems in a sturdy way and for an industrial environment, with as little as possible ?fragile? equipment and as little as possible maintenance demands.
  • Our very high standard of craftsmanship and use of the best materials give our systems a professional appearance, evoking respect and a serious approach from the operators. (Taking pride in their work results in the best and most cost-effective operation.)
  • A short and clear maintenance scheme is supplied which any technician anywhere in the world can execute.

sycamin reputation is built on innovative and well-designed systems built with the highest standards of craftsmanship offering accurate and reliable operation.

It takes a dedicated and serious specialist to give the best advice.

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