Sand Filter Systems


UT build filter units have proved themselves as reliable, save and durable for filtering water for general and greenhouse use. The modern automatic self cleaning screen filter and long proved sand filter systems are built with a manual screen filter before the drip system as an extra save guard. Both filters can handle any contaminations preventing your drippers from clogging up. Normally that means taking out anything bigger than 50 micron from the irrigation water.

The UT filter systems are designed and built by UT-Engineering in various capacities according to your wishes and needs. The units can be built as full-, half-automatic or manually operated.

Sand filters in general, and UT-Sand Filters in particular have proven themselves to be very reliable filtration systems for the agricultural and greenhouse industry. Sand filters are used in many different locations and can be used to filter water and filter out the partition of 50 micron and larger.

UT-Sand Filters are available for many different applications. Upon request, tailor-made solutions like adjusted dimensions, capacities and overall design can be supplied te meet your specific requirements. The UT-filters can be operated either fully automatically or manually.

UT-Sand Filters are used to filter water and remove the particles larger than 50 microns. In the greenhouse industry, sand filters are usually used to filter the irrigation water before filling up the day water stock tanks. Sand filters often operate as a stand-alone unit. Each sand filter unit is equipped with integrated, easy to operate control for filling up the day water tank and full automatic back flush of the sand filter.

The sand filter can also be used between the fertiliser mixing unit and the irrigation system in the field. The filter can in this case, also be controlled by the fertiliser mixing unit. Based on operating hours, the fertiliser mixer computer will fully automatically back flush the filter.

All UT-Sand Filters are equipped with a safety screen filter. In case of any malfunction of the sand filter, the screen filter will prevent any sand from entering the filtered water system.

  • Filtration down to 50 micron possible
  • Many possible applications
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Available in all wanted capacities

  • Sand filter control either fully automatic or manual
  • As stand-alone filter capacities up to 100 mtr3 available
  • Larger capacities available on request
  • The sand filter has a full steel housing
  • Operating pressures up to 10 bar
  • Modular construction on separate powder coated metal frame
  • Can be used as stand-alone or as in-line filtration system

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