- Seawater Electrochlorination for Biofouling Control



SANILEC systems take full advantage of our knowledge and experience in the design of offshore skid-mounted units, with strenuous area classification requirements.

SANILEC systems generate sodium hypochlorite from seawater using an extensively field-proven electrochemical process. SANILEC systems are the standard and preferred electrochlorination system for biofouling control in offshore and marine biofouling control as well as power and coastal applications. SANILEC systems range in capacity from 2.8 to 47,620 lb/day (1.2 to 21,600 kg/day), per train.

Superior Design:

  • Optimum cell design – not too big or too small
  • Minimal operation and maintenance requirements
  • Once-through flow design eliminating recycle requirements
  • Use of corrosion-resistant materials of construction
  • Customized layout and supply to meet site-specific requirements
  • Guaranteed lowest power consumption


  • Low-strength sodium hypochlorite solution is non-hazardous, safe and easy to handle
  • Systems designed for low voltage requirements: less than 50 volts DC
  • Automatic operation eliminating the potential for operator error
  • Designed for hazardous areas, if required
  • Safe hydrogen removal process


  • Active life of the DSA anode is guaranteed
  • Anodes can be recoated
  • Long operating life with minimal downtime
  • Control system ensures proper and safe operation
  • Eliminates dependence on chemical suppliers


  • Installation and construction consultation available
  • Experienced service staff for start-up and commissioning
  • Maintenance and service agreements available
  • Single source for supply of spare parts
  • Training services available
  • Pre-project consultation available for budgetary capital estimates, project feasibility studies, equipment selection and specification and proposal evaluation

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