SANILEC Offshore and Marine Biofouling Control


The purpose of on-site generation of a sodium hypochlorite solution from seawater is to economically and safely produce this powerful biocide and disinfecting agent in offshore applications. When injected into the cooling water circuits, on-site generated sodium hypochlorite solution provides efficient protection to the equipment against the growth of organic fouling (micro and macro). This occurs without the undesirable side effects of commercial hypochlorite (such as the build up of hard deposits by reaction of excess alkalinity with the substances dissolved in water) or the safety hazard connected with the transportation, storage and handling of chlorine gas. Because this technology eliminates dependency upon outside suppliers and the heavy costs of purchased commercial products, it finds application in a broad spectrum of offshore facilities requiring biofouling control of water systems. SANILEC for the on-site generation of hypochlorite from raw seawater have demonstrated relia

  • Generates sodium hypochlorite from seawater
  • Reduces corrosion in heat exchangers and piping
  • Improves efficiency on steam condensers
  • Used for firewater/cooling water loops and water flood packages
  • Hazardous Area Class rated
  • Operates in cold water
  • Corrosion resistant packaging
  • 5 year electrolyzer warranty
  • Smallest footprint and weight using patented gas removal system
  • Eliminates storage, handling and purchase of hazardous chemicals
  • Standard and specification compliant units are available
  • Largest installed base of on-site generators in the world

SANILEC systems take full advantage of our knowledge and experience in the design of offshore skid-mounted units, with strenuous area classification requirements. These systems generate sodium hypochlorite from seawater using an extensively field-proven electrochemical process suited for biofouling control in water flood, cooling water and ffire water loops.

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