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SaniTEE wastewater screens are now available in 4″, 8″ and 16″ sizes and provide consistent retention of wastewater solids for applications up to 20,000 gallons per day. Multiple SaniTEE screens can be used for flows above 20,000. SaniTEE Wastewater Screens SaniTEE self-cleaning wastewater deflection screens (commonly known as septic tank effluent filters) are designed to reduce suspended solids discharged in septic tank effluent by promoting natural sedimentation and excluding gas-lifted particles from entering the outlet pipe. Additionally, SaniTEE’s patented keyhole weirs help to attenuate surge flows, delivering a more consistent flow for further treatment or dispersal. These features help extend the lives of drain fields, reduce the clogging of orifices in effluent disposal systems and allow flexibility in the use of different types of effluent pumps.


How It Works
As sewage enters the septic tank, grease, oils and light weight particles rise to join the scum layer at the water surface. Heavier solids settle to the bottom to join the sludge layer. In between these layers is a zone of relatively clean effluent. This effluent enters the side of the SaniTEE screen, passing through the angled slots. Clarified effluent then travels up through the inside of SaniTEE and out through patented keyhole weirs to discharge via the standard outlet piping. As solids come in contact with the smooth vertical surface of the screen, they tend to slough off, falling back into the septic tank, instead of collecting inside the filter housing.

Simple Installation and Maintenance
The installation of SaniTEE consists of dropping it inside a standard septic tank outlet tee. No tools required. When cleaning the SaniTEE, simply move the swab handle up and down to pass the swab through the center screen. This swabbing action will dislodge any debris that might be trapped in the angled slots. If inspection is required, SaniTEE can be removed easily by simply lifting the screen out of the outlet tee.

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