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- Model Saber - High Intensity Quartz LV Purifier



The Sanuvox Saber is our entry level Ultraviolet Air Purifier which employs a High Intensity Quartz UV Germicidal Lamp to destroy biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses. Like its namesake, the Sanuvox Saber is designed to kill. The Saber uses UVC Energy to slice through the air, destroying the biological contaminants which come in contact with the 'Kill Zone'. The Saber is available in two sizes, a 12' or 18' Lamp, depending on duct size. The Saber is installed in the return plenum, limiting the amount of contaminants that come in contact with the filter and coil. Because the Saber uses a High Intensity 19 mm. Quartz Lamp, only one lamp is needed, while other manufacturers need multiple lamps to obtain the same intensity. This is an added benefit, as lamp changes will be limited to one not two or more lamps per year. Extremely simple to install with lamp changes taking just seconds, the Saber is a cost effective method for home purification.

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