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If you are looking to extract either mixed plastics or specific plastic resins from low-grade input material (for example PVC from MSW that is intended to be turned into RDF) or sorting plastics by type at material recovery facility (MRF) the Sapphire module will provide with a perfect low-cost solution. The Sapphire features a full spectrum near infrared (NIR) sensor to analyze and classify polymers and other organic materials.

The incoming material is distributed over the machine width and travels underneath the sensor array, which is mounted on top and at the end of a high/speed acceleration belt. State-of-the-art electronics process the signals from the NIR sensor and activate corresponding air valves, which eject the targeted material upward or downward.The Sapphire features a user-friendly color touchscreen with advanced diagnostics, setup flexibility, and remote access modem or Ethernet.The Sapphire provides the operator with realtime statistics that can be used for daily reports or for quality control certificates per truck load.

  • Metal detector upgrade optional
  • Split configuration optional
  • Color touchscreen user interface with modem/ethernet access
  • Statistics and quality reports download options
  • Different sort configurations by the touch of a button

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