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- Model II - Fluid System Control


SARITOR II provides the highest level of operator efficiency, comfort and control. It offers 4400 & 5500 litres tank capacities with 36 to 42m TerraForce  and TR5 alluminium booms. Everything you need is at your finger tip, managed through the application control terminal and SprayCentre control console. Fluid system selections switches for pump on/off, nozzle pressure, auto rate control, end nozzle, agitation, main and rinse tank are logically placed and easily operated. The arm rest spray centre console is adjusted forward and back to suit individual needs for operation and comfort. The WorkZone console provides switching for electric motor drive valves that control main or rinse tank, Venturi, pump on/off, tank rinse nozzles, boom nozzle, engine rpm and agitation. An LED identifies which valve is in operation.

Work Centre - Ground

From the ground and through the WorkZone console the following functions can be selected and managed:

  1. Main tank suction source valve on/off
  2. Flush tank suction source valve on/off
  3. Banjo FastFill pump EOH control on/off (where fitted)
  4. Main fluid pump EOH control on/off
  5. Tank rinse nozzles valve on/off
  6. Boom section distribution valves on/off
  7. SARITOR engine rpm increase
  8. SARITOR engine rpm decrease
  9. Agitation increase / maximum10 Agitation reduction / off 

An LED identifies which valve is in operation.

Dual control from the cab is also possible.

The main tank, rinse tank, tank rinse nozzle and agitation valves are electric gear motor driven. The Banjo FastFill and main fluid pumps are activated by electric over hydraulic control. Boom distribution vales are electric gear motor driven and engine revs are controlled by linear actuator.

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