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The pre-fixed logics of the PLC has now been enhanced by the availability of SCADA and HMI solutions, which bring control and data access of the operations to the user with unmatched convenience. While the technology has the potential, it is dependent on the performance of front-end application, which will bring in maximum benefit to the user.

FCS has a proven track record at some of the most demanding application areas to create SCADA solutions. These reflect customer’s changing needs and room for future functionality.The solutions can be stand-alone interfaces or network distributed systems, with different functionality for each station. With the world becoming more and more precision-driven through documented evidence, automation solutions with the back-end support of an effective SCADA hold out immense promise. The key is understanding the process and effectively exploiting the power of best-in-class products.Talking of the future, industrial controls can now be Web-enabled. This means activities like maintenance, upgradation and monitoring of key performance parameters, can now be performed from a remote site using the Internet! We at FCS, are excited by the prospects and the possibilities. We are keen to give our customers the first mover advantage in this space.

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