Scalewatcher North America Inc.

- Model Nano - Electronic Hard Water Treatment System


The benefits… Prevents scale build up and descales your entire water system. Saves energy, water heats up quicker. Gentle on skin and hair. Extends filter life. Treated water cleans better and will therefore save on detergents.

  • Little pressure caused by partially clogged pipelines
  • Scaled up elements in your water heater
  • Itchy skin and course hair
  • Dull dishes and glasses
  • Scaled up appliances
  • Stained bathrooms
  • Difficult to remove scaling residue

Six bowls of the kitchen of a restaurant were given a mark with the numbers 1 to 6, cleaned by the dishwasher and the next 56 days every day used and cleaned again. Before this experiment the bacterial activity was measured with an ATP meter and was on average 3800. Scalewatcher was installed on day 3 and one can see that the living material decreases rather quick. After 24 days 50 % less detergent was used. One can see that the bacterial activity is insignificant after 56 days. Without treatment the bacterial contamination will stay around 3800. Of course this is valid for any surface cleaned repeatedly by Scalewatcher treated water .

The electronic unit treats the water by the induction of electric and magnetic fields with a continuously changing frequency within an optimized frequency band. This influences the very first phase of crystal growth in the bulk of the water, resulting in many small crystals with a rotundas shape, which cannot easily adhere to pipe walls or other surfaces such as heating elements of dishwashers or washing machines and will also not irritate your skin. They will flow with the water down the drain. Without treatment these crystals are larger and do not have a rotundas shape. They are irregular shaped with sharp edges, which will it make easier for them to adhere to any surface. This is the very basis of scaling. As no new scale layers are formed, the sheer force of the water will gradually remove the old scale layers. This will temporarily increase the hardness of the water until all pipes are clean.

Performance Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the product after three months continuous use, the purchase price will be refunded if the unit is returned within a period of four months since the date of purchase.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Two years on materials and workmanship. In the unlikely event the unit becomes defective, simply return it to your supplier for replacement.

  • Resin sealed electronics housed in a high impact thermoplastic enclosure
  • LED indicators to show correct operation
  • Splash proof
  • Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 39 mm.
  • Weight packed: 500 Gram.
  • Power: 4 Watt.
  • Can be used for all pipe materials and sizes as normally used in households
  • Output voltage on signal cable: Non hazardous
  • External UL approved voltage adaptor

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