WhiteWater Concepts

WhiteWater Concepts

- Whole House Two-Stage Water Filtration System



Affordable and cost-efficient whole house water conditioning system with dual filtration and conditioning; comparable to other higher-priced systems on the market today. Small footprint for limited space. System comes with coconut shell catalytic carbon and the media guard (center tube) of four pounds of KDF55 for reduction of chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, herbicides, pesticides, some hardness, some heavy metals; kdf media inhibits bacterial growth; bypass, adapters and attractive welded full stainless steel jacket. Low-maintenance system (center with KDF is replaced every three years; carbon is replaced every five years); five-year limited manufacturer warranty on tank and valve. 1.5 cu. ft. tank, 10”x54” with 1” ports; 10-15gpm. Clack backwash valve (backwashes approximately every eight days or can be set less frequently).

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