SCAPA is the acronym for The Pesticide Packaging Pick-up System (Sistemul de Colectare a Ambalajelor de Pesticide, in Romanian) of AIPROM - a mechanism of collection, transport and recovery of the waste from plastic, paper and metal packaging of crop protection products (CPP) imported or manufactured in Romania by AIPROM members or the companies participating in the system. In 2007, AIPROM - The Romanian Crop Protection Industry Association, an association joined by the most important PP manufacturers and distributors in Romania - initiated SCAPA's pilot program, which started to be implemented nationally in 2008.

Today, SCAPA is carried out in collaboration with and under the patronage of AIPROM, receiving full financial support from AIPROM members and companies participating in the system. Packages are taken over through RIGK Romania operator, who supplies the packaging inspection, transportation and recovery services, with the significant involvement of the distributor companies selected as Pick-up Centers.

What does SCAPA collect?

The waste collected within the system comes from the CPP packaging of the companies participating in SCAPA. The types of materials collected via the SCAPA program are: plastic, metal and paper.

The following types of waste are picked up via the 'SCAPA de ambalaje!' (Get Rid of Packaging!) campaigns:
• plastic cans of any size;
• plastic and metal barrels (200 L);
• carton boxes where the CPP barrels were transported.

The Pesticide Packaging Pick-up System of SCAPA takes over from users, free of charge, only the plastic and metal packaging that was decontaminated by triple rinsing, emptied, dried, cleaned, carefully stored and which has separate lids. Paper packages, bags or boxes have to be cleaned and compacted.

PLEASE NOTE ! The failure to comply with the take-over specifications shall result in the refusal to accept packages.

The representatives of SCAPA shall issue supporting documents for the take-over of non-hazardous waste, classified by generators, under codes 15.01.01 for paper and carton, 15.01.02 for plastic and 15.01.04 for metal, as provided by Government Decision 856/2002.

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