Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada.

Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada.

- Model SS400 - Portable 6 Station Olfactometer


Scentroid SS400 olfactometer is an advance mobile 6 station portable olfactometer. The Six Station Portable Olfactometer SS400 is used to assess odour concentration from a sample using 2 presentation modes (Binary or Yes/No) by fulfilling the requirements of the EN13725 and VDI 3881 standards.

Odour Analysis to All Standards

The Scentroid SS400 olfactometer uses the latest technologies to deliver absolute precision & functionality. Users can perform olfactometry analysis to EN13725 & VDI 3881 with Binary, Yes/No, and Hedonic test methods.

Portability Without Compromise

The Scentroid SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer can be transported to remote locations minimizing the time between sampling and analysis to avoid sample degradation. SS400 olfactometer includes a hard watertight and shockproof carrying case.

Portable Air Supply Unit

SS400 olfactometer comes with its own clean air supply module. The 2 HP ultra-quiet air compressor and all its associated intercoolers, filters, and pressure regulator are built into a easy to carry hard watertight and shockproof carrying case for easy transportation.

  • Measure odour concentration in OU/m3
  • Assess hedonic tone according to VDI standard 
  • Conduct binary and yes/no method
  • Follow all odour standards such as EN13725 
  • Conduct panelist screening using n-butanol
  • Interface to Scentroid Laboratory Management Software

SS400 Olfactometer Basics of Operation
  • Connect odour sample bag to the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer
  • Using the Admin tablet start a new test
  • Scan the unique barcode on the sample
  • Select the number of panelist (1-6) and the test type (Yes/No, Binary, or Hedonic Tone)
  • System will conduct purging and assessment automatically
  • Panelist will be instructed to sniff and input their reponse using their dedicated tablets
  • System will log and send all results wirelessly to Scentroid’s Laboratory management software

The Scentroid SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer is the world’s only portable six (6) panel olfactometer. The compact and flexible form allows for easy transportation and deplyment. The flexible  connection between panelist stations and the central control pyramid allows the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer to be setup to fit the table and room layout. Full automation and data processing using Scentroid’s Laboratory Information Management software allow any laboratory to be easily certified to ISO17025.

  • Portable and easy to deploy
  • Full automation
  • assessment using 1 to 6 panelist 
  • automated purging using oxidation (optional)
  • Built in Photo Ionization Detector for analysis of VOCs  and dilution verification

  • Number of Panelists From1 up to 6 panelists
  • Test Modes Binary, Yes/No, Hedonic Tone (VDI), Intensity
  • Dilution Principle Fixed orifice jet pump with Stainless Steel educator
  • Dilution Steps 15
  • Dilution Range 2^2 to 2^16
  • Accuracy Error less than 5%
  • Presentation flow rate 20 lpm
  • Sample Analysis Time 7 samples/hour (8 min)
  • Sample Consumption Less than 10L for 3 rounds with 5 dilution steps and 10 second sniffing time.
  • Panelist Control Touch Screen Interface
  • Administrator Display 10” smart tablet touch screen
  • Communication WiFi and Bluetooth®
  • Display language English
  • Presentation 2 Stainless Steel Sniffing Ports per Station
  • Body Stainless Steel
  • Software upgrade Automatic over Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions 63.5 x 63.5 x 31 cm
  • Standards EN13725/2003, ASTM E679-04, VDI3881, AS4323.3
  • Weight 30 kg olfactometer and 35 kg air supply module