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- Model S 8515 - Vacuum Degasser



The S 8515 vacuum degasser is an online degasser system with high efficiency. Dissolved gases are removed from the solvents by applying vacuum to a semi- permeable membrane.

High efficiency
The high efficient Teflon-AF® capillary has a much higher efficiency than a normal Teflon capillary of similar size. This allows the usage of a smaller length of capillary to reduce the dead volume of the system considerably.

Operation modes
The S 8515 vacuum degasser can be run either with constant speed or in hysteresis mode, which switches the vacuum pump on or off.


5-Year membrane warranty
The S 8515 vacuum pump uses a membrane for creating the vacuum. This membrane is made of a specific Teflon material specifically designed for fast movements. Schambeck SFD GmbH offers a 5-year warranty on the lifetime of this membrane.

Multi - channel
The S 8515 vacuum degasser is available as 1-channel, 2-channel, 3-channel or 4-channel version and also in a PEEK—metal free version. Each solvent channel can be used for a different solvent or several channels can be used in series to increase the efficiency even more

Working principle
The solvent flows through a short length of Teflon AF® capillary inside a sealed chamber. This chamber (vacuum chamber) is completely sealed to the environment and vacuum is applied with a pump. Due to this vacuum any dissolved gases in the solvent running through the inner capillary are removed through its semi-permeable membrane wall. The high efficiency of the Teflon AF® material allows the usage of a very short length of capillary inside the vacuum chamber.

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