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Precise weight control with an “à la carte” solution. You have the know-how. We supply the perfectly matched components: bin weighing system kits as a module with all the necessary mechanical components. Depending on the structural requirements and desired accuracy, we suggest that the solution is either load cells or measuring eyes. The weight of the contents of silos, bins, mixers or reactors can be determined with the help of these components. The weighing technology is installed outside the actual production area. The characteristics of the material to be weighed do not affect the measuring accuracy and selection of the sensor.

  • For varying bin dimensions, there are all kinds of different operating conditions, such as potentially explosive hazardous areas or installation in existing facilities through to all kinds of different weight classes – from a few hundred kilos up to several thousand tons.
  • Together with the appropriate electronics, a coordinated measuring chain is produced for the gravimetric determination of fill levels and feeding.

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