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There are plenty of good reasons for switching from standard to alternative fuels. As well as the money in your pocket, using alternative fuels conserves the world’s resources. Recycling fibres, chippings or for example plastic shreddings also makes sense in the long term if the combustion processes are optimised using appropriate modules and systems.

Kind on the planet and your pocket. Developed for the future
The IDMS blow-through rotary valve from Schenck Process has been developed especially for use with low-cost secondary fuels, which result from waste processing plants in the form of shredder light fraction. Such fuels include fibres, chippings, plastic shreddings and mixed products. The IDMS blow-through rotary valve helps to transport these to revolving cylindrical furnaces, calciners, waste incineration plants, power stations and industries such as cement, lime, gypsum and power generation where they are burnt to produce energy.

Perfect function
As the inline feeder for pneumatic conveyance, the IDMS blow-through rotary valve reliably and smoothly runs at a conveying pressure of up to 300mbar. The special valve design, comprising upstream scraper and special blade, is a great aid to the process. This combination removes foreign parts and oversized particles before the rotary valve chamber is closed and in extreme cases can even cut these off, thereby reducing blockages to a minimum.

If necessary, the wear equipment can be replaced without the valve having to be removed. This ensures a smooth operation and of course a long service life, which is also encouraged by the highly abrasion-resistant wearing parts. Guiding the conveyance air properly makes high material loads possible and means that during operation the valve chambers are self-cleaned on an ongoing basis, which ensures constant conveyance. The blow-through principle enables higher valve speeds while emptying is underway, thereby reliably preventing pulsation

  • Compact, space-saving design while offering high power density
  • High and constant fill levels thanks to large inlet cross-section and enforced emptying
  • Highly abrasion-resistant wearing parts and long service life
  • Delivery rate of up to 150m³/hr with high conveyor line back pressure
  • Reliable pneumatic conveyance thanks to constant leakage air
  • Robust construction in line with German standard for industry

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