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The broad know-how of the weighing specialists Schenck Process can also be found in this platform scale, which can be used practically anywhere and is perfectly adaptable to any task and environment. It provides mature performance for a standard platform scale. The scale is extremely robust, maintenance-free, and is available in standard steel St 37 or stainless steel V2A. If it is connected to the DISOMAT® Opus scale indicator, it can be calibrated.

Suitable for every location
The platform scale is also very undemanding when it comes to location. It can be erected, installed in the ground or equipped with a foundation frame.

The DISOMAT Tersus is used to control package filling on the platform, optionally with the “fill scale” function block interface or the SWA application package. It is available in a safe design for use in potentially explosive areas, including ATEX certification.

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