- Pressure transducer with integrated logger


The Mini-Diver is acknowledged as one of the most reliable instruments for the autonomous measuring and recording of groundwater level and temperature. Its internal memory of 24,000 measurements per parameter provides sufficient capacity to perform nearly one measurement every ten minutes for six months.

Its compact dimensions (Ø22 mm, length 90 mm) mean that the Mini-Diver will fit into virtually any monitoring well.

The Mini-Diver is available in four ranges for monitoring the following depths:

  • 0 - 33 ft (0 - 10 m)
  • 0 - 66 ft (0 - 20 m)
  • 0 - 164 ft (0 - 50 m)
  • 0 - 328 ft (0 - 100 m)

In addition to internal data storage, the Mini-Diver can be connected to an external data logger, such as the DataLogIC 3000, or data telemetry systems with the Diver-DCX SDI-12 output adapter, allowing the Diver to be used for real-time data monitoring applications.

Manual data download in the field from a Diver’s internal storage can be done by utilizing the optional USB Interface Cable and connecting the diver directly to a desktop or laptop PC.

Click here: http://www.stevenswater.com/products/sensors/hydrology/level/logging/mini/

  • Watershed, drainage basin and recharge areas
  • Stream gauging, lake levels and reservoirs
  • Harbour and tidal fl uctuation monitoring
  • Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring
  • Long term water level monitoring
  • All intensive monitoring of groundwater levels
  • Groundwater monitoring projects
  • Groundwater monitoring network automation
  • Discharge and fl ood
  • Aquifer storage and recovery

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