- Spray Patcher Load King



The Schwarze Spray Patcher Load King is a self-contained asphalt repair until designed for towing with a one ton pickup for easy, one-man operation. The Load King has a 2.0 yard aggregate hopper and a 100-gallon emulsion tank to keep repair crews repairing streets, not travelling back and forth for supplies. The operator controls are conveniently located on the boom which is balanced for and adjustable for operator safety and comfort.The Spray Patcher Load King uni-body enclosure protects the components from the elements but allows easy maintenance access through the large access doors. The optional vacuum feature allows removal of water and debris from potholes before patching to achieve a longer lasting and more durable repair. The Load King achieves a 98% compaction rate without the use of compactors based on the Strategic Highway Initiative Testing and allows for immediate traffic flow.  Come to the people you know, for the products you trust.


  • Pothole Vacuum: Cleans out wet or dirty potholes for better quality patch
  • Custom Made-to-Order Hydraulic Hoses: Reduces the opportunity for contamination in Hydraulic System
  • Fully Shrouded:  Protects all components from Mother Nature and allows cold temperature operation


  • Rock Hopper 2 cubic yard hopper:  2 hoppers of Rock per 1 tank of emulsion on average
  • Mix on Demand: Eliminates the end users dependency of commercially premixed materials
  • Twin Engine System: Allows for patch on the go, and increased productivity
  • Public Safety
  • Hydraulic Leveling Boom: Ease of operation, and reduces physical stress on the operator
  • Clean, Tack, Fill & Compact, Top Layer, & Immediate Traffic Flow:  92.8% Compaction rate based on the Strategic Highway Initiative Testing without the use of compactors.
  • High Mount Strobe Light: Alerts oncoming traffic of patching operation


  • Modular Componentry: Reduced Repair time, and cost of ownership
  • Completely Self Contained Patcher: Does not require use of special tow vehicles over 1 ton
  • Emulsion Heating System: During Operation engine coolant keeps the emulsion at, or near 150 degrees. Can patch in Cold temperatures.

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