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Scrap Metal Recycling System



Metals are precious raw materials that can be recycled and formed into new products most endlessly.

1 Shredding

When processing light scrap such as scrap iron, sheet metal, aluminium profiles and electronic scrap, the focus is on the shredder. By definition, metals are very resistant to and abrasive in the shredding process. In this step, partially bulky and long metal parts are transformed into a sortable product with greatly reduced volume. The final output is then either directly recycled in the circular economy or is subjected to further processing including being melted down.

2 Magnetic Separation of Ferrous Metals

Especially while processing metal profiles or metal frames, over-belt magnets can easily sort out ferrous metals. With this step, higher quality, homogeneous fractions can be achieved (e.g. aluminium scrap).

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