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The job of the EUROPELEC cantral drive thickener is to thicken sludge from municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants. It can be used in small or medium-sized installations. Effluent is channelled to the centre of the tank in the influent well where it is spread evenly and without turbulence over the thickening zone. The clean effluent is collected over a saw toothed outlet weir. Vertical pickets attached to the drive shaft are used for removing gas from and thickening the sludge. The thickened sludge is guided to the centre of the tank by adjustable bottom scrapers. From the sludge well, they are carried to the final treatment stage by hydrostatic pressure or pumping. The thickener is designed for tanks 3 to 13 m in diameter.


The main materials used are hot dip galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

The scraper bridge has the following components:

  • a reconstituted beam made of folded sheet metal, reinforced by a lattice to which the protective handrails, the bottom scrapers and, where applicable, the surface scraper are attached
  • a bridge mounted on a pivot
  • a slip ring for supplying power to the drive end
  • a beam supported by one or two rubber-tyred wheels
  • a gear motor
  • a toothed outlet weir.

  • A metal siphon baffle for catching floating matter and a bin for scum removal may be installed.

The Europelec Scraper Bridge is designed for use in all sedimentation tanks (primary or secondary sedimentation), provided that they are round in shape. It is used in a general manner for treating domestic and industrial effluents containing heavy matter that can settle rapidly, and where it is important that the sludge can be removed as it is formed.

  • The effluent is fed by a steel or concrete tube into the central influent well, which eliminates most of the effluent’s kinetic energy by forcing it downwards.
  • Feeding the effluent from the bottom of the central chamber to the outer sedimentation ring enables a constant and uniform radial distribution to be obtained.
  • The clear effluent then leaves the tank by means of saw toothed outlet weir.
  • The slurry which settles on the bottom is pushed by rotating blades towards the well in the center of the tank. From there, the sludge is removed by hydrostatic pressure.
  • Depending on the treatment used, a scum removal equipment can be fitted to the bridge to automatically collect any floating matter

  • The scraper bridge is made of trussed section plates interlaced for rigidity, covered by grating or other non shippery materials. The handrailing, the bottom scapers and surface scrapers are fixed on the sides of the bridge. Scrapers are quickly installed and easily adjustable on site.
  • The center of the unit rests on a twin effects roller bearing pivot (or a spur gear drive for larger units). This pivot holds the center ring collector for power supply of the geared drive.
  • At the outer end, the bridge is supported by a carriage on one (or two according the diameter) heavy duty rubber coataed wheel. The geared motor drive acts on one whell only.
  • The clear water outlet is made through an adjustable saw toothed outlet weir. A scum baffle traps the floating materials which are led to a scum trough by the surface scaper.
  • The equipement is hot dipped galvanized (optionnally aluminium or stainless steel), except for electromechanical parts, painted.

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