Rolf Koerner, LLC

Rolf Koerner, LLC

Screens and Cylinders


We produce basket filters, screen cylinders and wire basket inserts according to our customers specifications. Standard cylinders normally use perforated plate with round or square perforation as well as slotted tubes to serve as the base. The filter baskets are lined inside or covered outside with plain or with pleated wire.

  • Materials: Stainless steel, plain steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, phosphor bronze and special alloy.
  • Weaves: Plain weave, twilled weave, plain Dutch weave, Dutch twilled weave, reverse plain Dutch weave and twilled reverse Dutch weave
  • Filtration grade: From 3 μm up to 10 mm
  • Measurements: Standard up to a diameter of 1000 mm or according to customer specifications

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