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A&J Water Treatment Ltd.

Scum Concentration & Scum Removal Equipment


A&J Water Treatment have combined a retractable scum concentrator arm with their peripheral dipping scum removal device for applications where high volumes of mousse-like scum accumulates and resists withdrawal from the tank by conventional means. A need was identifed by our clients to remove troublesome surface scum accumulations associated wih activated sludge processes where traditional scum removal techniques were inneffective, our engineers responded with this innovative solution.

With the ScumAway system, the scumbox is complemented by a retractable arm which extends across the tank radius so as to retain and concentrate the scum in the area of the scumbox.

The scraper bridge carries the scumbox actuator and the mechanism which pushes the scum arm back against the tank wall enabling the rotating bridge to pass after actuating the scumbox.

After the bridge passes, the scum arm slowly returns to its operating position ready for the next cycle.

This has been very effectively installed on numerous large Yorkshire Water settlement tanks and has performed so well that it has been adopted as an asset standard for tanks in excess of 25 metre diameter.

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