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The rate at which water is released can be controlled by a Vortex Flow Control (VFC). SDS supplies a range of VFCs and will specify the model that best meets the specific requirements of each installation. Our Vortex Flow Control (VFC) is a self-activating device which induces a vortex motion in the flow to control the rate at which water is allowed to enter downstream drainage systems. The energy inherent in the water flow is harnessed to generate the vortex and hence the device has no need of external energy supplies; furthermore, the Flow Control itself has no moving parts.

The VFC has a superior hydraulic performance when compared to conventional flow controls such as orifice plates, throttle pipes and penstocks and, with outlet diameters up to 400% larger than conventional flow control devices, the risk of blockage is minimised.

Our VFCs have a unique head/flow characteristic with a distinctive ‘S’ shaped curve with high flush and kickback flow points; this characteristic can reduce storage volume requirements, thereby lowering project costs.

Our devices are typically made using 10 gauge Grade 304 stainless steel and to all the relevant British Standards; stainless steel does not corrode and is highly resistant to abrasion, hence the life expectancy of each VFC is likely to exceed that of the system into which it is installed.

Units come equipped with a drain down/by-pass mechanism which is remotely operated from ground level. In the unlikely event of a blockage occurring in the inlet or outlet of the VFC, the mechanism allows drain down of the system without the need for expensive over pumping or bypass penstocks and pipework; this is unlike other makes of VFC, which can only bypass a blockage in the inlet.

  • Large outlet cross-sectional areas.
  • Drain down / by-pass release mechanism.
  • No moving parts.
  • Self-activating.
  • Unique head/flow arrangement.
  • Manufactured using Grade 304 stainless steel.

  • Resistant to blockages.
  • Simple system drainage in the unlikely event of a blockage in either the inlet or outlet.
  • Reliable operation and limited maintenance required.
  • No external energy requirements.
  • Reduces storage volume requirements, thereby lowering project costs.
  • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion, increasing product life expectancy.

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