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For a long time the “ECHO Max” resonance sorters have found steady application into nuts working process (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, apricot kernels, pistachios, etc.) revolutionizing their traditional working process. ECHO Max offers an unequalled efficiency-price ration if compared to IR, Laser or RX sorting technologies. Foreign bodies inspection device is based on the distinct resonance produced by each element. The frequency developed by shelled fruits is different from the one emitted by shells, unshelled or partially  shelled  fruits,  stones,  glass cullet and metals; this allows the sorter software to detect them and to activate pneumatic ejectors to sort out any non-conforming material.

  • Simple but revolutionary : SEA ECHO is the result of long studies focusing on realization of a machine with excellent sorting performances, user-friendly and with reduced operative and maintenance costs.
  • Versatility: thanks to microprocessors and to a sophisticated management software it’s possible to use different and customized sorting programs.
  • Control: managed by microprocessors allowing the use of specific functions, such as self-setting, self-control, self-calibration and memorization of specific programs.
  • Feeding: thanks to their building characteristics, SEA ECHO feeding chutes grant a perfect product distribution and the best conveying to control device. The loading hopper is equipped with capacitive sensors for minimum and maximum vibrators speed, to grant an homogeneous input product flow.

Some advantages: in versions with two overlapping modules the sorting efficiency is doubled, while overall dimensions are limited, facilitating their installation into existing plants. The customized hi-tech ejectors allow it to operate with elevated working rhythm and maximum precision. SEA ECHO maintenance is really simple (lack of optical parts to be cleaned, lamps to replace, software to manage, etc.) as well as access and cleaning of inner parts.

The product to sort is fed into the loading hopper, from which it's poured onto the vibrating distribution plate. Thanks to its vibration, product advances until it reaches the open end and falls downwards guided by the sloping channel. As it leaves the delivery channel, product individually collides with the resonance detector. The sensors deliver a signal which is processed by the detection and analysis unit, which analyses the frequency and compare it to the specific sample frequencies with the identification of the single element. Depending on the response of detection and analysis unit, the pneumatic device activates to physically separate the shelled fruits out of shells and/or foreign bodies. The products recognized by the detection and analysis unit as conforming, fall into the hopper following the natural falling path; on the contrary, the elements recognized by the detection unit as shell fragments or as other foreign bodies, are deviated by a blast of compressed air, issued by a precise nozzle, into the reject collecting hopper. In models with two overlapping modules, the sorted or rejected product is automatically conveyed to another section of the machine to undergo an identical process.

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