Sea Water Cooling Towers



In the past, many process industries were located in coastal areas and were using once trough cooling systems such systems have a negative impact on the marine ecosystem, when discharging the water back to the sea at a higher temperature. More recently, stringent environmental regulations on industrial cooling water usage and discharge have made such once through systems redundant. According to new environmental standards, cooling the process water is required before discharging back, to avoid a thermal shock to marine life. Using Cooling Towers to cool the process results in economical control of the discharge temperatures within acceptable international and local guidelines that will not have any negative impact on the marine ecosystem.

SPIG has executed many sea water cooling applications with successful case studies describing very large sea water Cooling Towers for applications ranging from Power Plants to Petrochemical, Smelter Complexes, etc.
Thanks to its technology, SPIG Cooling Towers for sea water applications are directly contributing to safeguarding the delicate marine eco system in several plants and to reduce the environmental impact. That’s why SPIG is recognised worldwide as an undisputed environmentally friendly company.

Over the years SPIG has acquired extensive expertise and experience in designing world class sea water Cooling Towers, developing a vast know-how and providing reliable customized and effective solutions.
By providing sea water Cooling Tower technology SPIG has succeeded in saving the costly desalinated water, which also results in reducing the carbon footprint.
When using sea water as make up, the selection of materials is a very important issue. The best choice is the use of corrosion free plastic materials for the Cooling Towers structure and the main internal components. The mechanical equipments should be protected with suitable coating for salt water application. The Steel parts should be of high grade stainless steel ('Duplex' EN 1.4462 and AISI316) or special alloy ( Silicon Bronze, Aluminum Bronze ).

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