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- Model 7125 - Multibeam Echo Sounder



For more than a decade, the SeaBat 7125 has been one of the best performing multibeam sonars in the world. It was introduced in 2004 and underwent several upgrades during its lifetime. It was with the SeaBat 7125 that features such as the Configurable Beam Former, Constant Seafloor Spacing, FlexMode and MultiDetect were introduced, each having a profound impact on the way that shallow water multibeam surveys are performed.

The SeaBat T50 is the successful successor to the SeaBat 7125. At the introduction of the SeaBat T50 in late 2015, customers all over the world immediately recognized the unprecedented clean data produced by the system. We are delighted to have the SeaBat T50, part of the T-series, as our recommended and most popular shallow water multibeam sonar.

With the new superior generation in place, we are declaring the SeaBat 7125, in all variants, End-of-Sale and no further quotations will be issued for this product. Orders already received by us and committed to, will be delivered and fulfilled.
This notice is not applicable to support and repairs, we will continue to support our existing loyal SeaBat 7125 customers for years to come.

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