Seamless Hot-Rolled Rings and Bushings


With its five ring rolling mills, BRÜCK produces seamless hot-rolled rings and bushings with an outside diameter of 6,400 mm max., height of 1,750 mm max., radial width of 1,000 mm max., and unit weight of up to 40 tons. Depending on the dimensions, geometries and technical requirements, components with unit weights of up to 50 tons can also be open-die forged on our new 8,000-ton press. A wide variety of internal and external profiling options can also be realised with our computer-operated ring rolling mill V. Thanks to close-contoured forming we are able to reduce the material and work & effort required in fabrication. Apart from the resulting cost benefit, improved grain flow also enables a higher product quality to be achieved.

Examples of products:

  • Forged shell courses for pressure vessel construction
  • Forged tube sections, run pipes
  • Thrust rings, steel tyres
  • Support rings for bearings
  • Booster segments for the propulsion systems of satellite launchers
  • Shroud rings, seal rings, guide rings, retaining rings and blade carriers for turbines
  • Skirt rings for vessels
  • Bearing shells
  • Gear drive rings and drive bushings
  • Connecting bushings
  • Coupling components
  • Bayonet rings

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