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- Model S500 - Underwater Wireless Data Logger


Seatooth® S500 is a subsea wireless communication system, designed to provide high speed short range communication using Ethernet interface between subsea systems. It provides data transmission of 100Mbits/sec. The Seatooth® S500 system has also the capability to wirelessly control and switch on/off devices. Seatooth® S500 transmits data and compressed video reliably in challenging environments where traditional underwater communications methods can suffer poor performance such as in littoral or shallow waters, in congested environments (ports & harbours) or in water with high turbidity levels.

Seatooth® S500 provides a wireless connection between a ROV and a subsea system such as camera, DVL, gyro and sonar. The objective of the system is to:

  • Increase flexibility & reliability of subsea connections
  • Provide high speed wireless data recovery
  • Provide isolated control of any subsea sensor or machine
  • Operate reliably in demanding environments


  • Seatooth® S500 is ideal for applications requiring high speed data transfer such as data harvesting from subsea sensors on pipelines, assets, control
  • systems and during construction.
  • Seatooth® S500 can form part of a Seatooth® Connect system and deliver data & power as a wireless connector.

Other Applications

  • High speed and multiplexed solutions
  • High-speed leak detection connections
  • Subsea docked applications

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