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- Measuring Sea Wave Height and Speed Detection Instruments



Because of its inherent advantages over other technologies, the radar is a fundamental component for safety at sea and near the shore. Safety in ship navigation demands for accurate and reliable detection instruments also in low visibility conditions (night, fog, etc.)

Nowadays radar systems are more and more used for applications like coastal defense and flood warning, harbor management and ship guidance. MetaSensing contribution to safety at sea is the SeaWave radar.

Particularly for continuous monitoring of sea waves and currents, MetaSensing has introduced the SeaWave radar, a sub-meter resolution FMCW X-band radar with 0.1 m/s wave velocity resolution and coverage up to 1 kilometer. MetaSensing’s SeaWave radar is a compact and light sensor and can be easily mounted on different platforms like oil platforms and off-shore wind parks. Real-time information is provided through  RS232 or ethernet link for a convenient remote operation with the provided user-friendly software.

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